Fee Structure

DWC simplifies ownership by integrating almost all necessary fees into a single, upfront cost. Our goal is to ensure transparency and ease throughout your experience.

Mint Price Includes:

• Sales Tax: Directly included, aligning with regulatory standards.

• Vault Services: Complete coverage for storage, handling, and insurance through our partners.

• Exclusivity Contribution: A select percentage of minting revenue allocated to our partners for premium service maintenance.

• DWC Service Fee: A fixed 5% of the mint cost underpins DWC’s operations and future enhancements.

Additional Consideration:

• Shipping Fee at Claim: The only separate charge is for shipping at the time of claim. This fee is dynamic, reflecting our international shipping capabilities and varying based on destination to ensure your watch reaches you securely and promptly.

Important Note:

All fees are upfront, except for shipping, which is paid when you claim your watch. This model is crafted for simplicity, with DWC managing all aspects behind the scenes. Any variations in the initial estimates will be transparently communicated, guaranteeing no surprises.

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