Secure Storage and Insurance

The security of your watch is our top priority. We provide peace of mind through our state-of-the-art vaulting solutions and insurance coverage.

Vaulting Services: The watches are housed in a highly secure vault designed to provide the ultimate protection against both physical and digital threats, ensuring that your watch remains safe while it's in our care.

Insurance Coverage: In addition to secure storage, every watch is fully insured until claimed and shipped to the owner. Our insurance policies are comprehensive, covering a range of potential risks and offering protection while your asset remains under our guardianship. This means that from the moment your watch is tokenized until you decide to claim the physical item, its safeguarded.

Your Investment is Secure: With DWC, you can be confident that your watch is not just a tokenized asset but also a physical entity that is well-protected until the day you choose to take possession of it.

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