How DWC Works

DWC offers a dynamic and engaging process through 3 distinct phases of ownership and participation. Whether you're engaging directly in our minting events or entering the ecosystem via the secondary market, DWC cultivates flexibility at every stage.

Here's how Minting unfolds:


Minting Event: Each DWC minting event is distinct, providing participants with a clear overview of the watches they might access.


Tier Assignment: Upon minting a DWC watch pass, you're randomly assigned to a tier. This tier corresponds directly to the retail value range of the watch you will receive, offering you a precise understanding of the potential retail value of your watch.


Watch Assignment: Following tier assignment, the specific watch allocated to you is revealed. This watch, securely stored in a vault for its protection, is tied to your minted NFT, bridging the gap between digital ownership and physical luxury.

Beyond Minting: Secondary Market

We recognize the life of a watch doesn't end post-mint. We actively facilitate a robust secondary market, where you can buy or sell DWC watches with confidence. Knowing that every watch is brand new and protected under DWC's secure storage and insurance, adds a layer of trust and assurance to your transactions.

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