MadeByApe Care-Package

All info is subject to change

For our first minting event, we have curated an incredible care package, packed with all MadeByApe products—from booze to snacks. We are thrilled to support our BAYC community and provide you with some awesome stuff, 100% free. There will be one box available per minted NFT, claimable anytime after minting is closed. Keep your eyes on our Twitter for more information about the included brands and up-to-date announcements.


  • Product and Brands (subject to change)

    • Bored Brew: Coffee Beans (License #00027)

    • Raccoon Distillery: Gin (License #00133)

    • Mr Clean Cowboy: Mints (License #00214)

    • JCS Snacks: Ape Made Salty Nuts (License #00159)

    • Dress Mono: Socks (License #00204)

    DWC exclusives

    • DWC: Winter Hat (License #00136)

For every Degen Watch Club NFT minted, there's a corresponding care package waiting to be claimed. Your care package is available for any Degen Watch Club NFT holder to claim within the first six months post-mint. Just remember, shipping's on you. (Contents are subject to change)

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