DWC User Experience

1 DWC Watch Pass NFT = 1 watch

To better understand DWC, let's break down each distinctive phase.

Phase 1: Information

  • Early Information: Access information before the official minting event at www.degewatchclub.xyz.

  • Informed Participation: Gain insights into mint specifics, NFT mint quantities, mint prices, and unique distribution models for full transparency — everything you need to make an educated decision to participate or not.

Phase 2: Minting the DWC Watch Pass NFT

  • Minting Process: Start your journey by acquiring DWC Watch Pass NFTs at a predetermined ETH price.

  • Pre-Reveal Artwork: Initially, NFTs feature pre-reveal artwork, with the exact watch and tier remaining undisclosed.

Phase 3: Tier Assignment

  • Distribution of Tiers: Post-mint, NFTs are sorted into tiers that indicate the watch's retail value range or fair market value, whichever is higher.

  • Visual Indicators: Tier information is visually displayed on the NFT, clarifying which tier you obtained.

Phase 4: Watch Assignment & Reveal

  • The Reveal: The specific watch linked to your NFT is unveiled, featuring an image and detailed information.

Phase 5: Claiming Process & New Claimed NFT Issuance

  • Claim Initiation: Connect your wallet to DWC's claim page to claim your watch, claiming is a permanent and irreversible action.

  • NFT Transfer to Escrow: Upon claiming, the original NFT moves to escrow, replaced by a 'Claimed' NFT, serving as your proof of claim.

  • Address Verification and Shipping: Input your shipping details in a token-gated shop and cover the shipping costs.

Phase 6: Shipping and Delivery

  • Delivery: DWC finalizes the process by shipping your physical watch, updating the claimed NFT's metadata to "Claimed."

DWC's approach offers various levels of participation, including during mint events or through secondary market engagements, allowing for purchases at any stage. Each participant is assured a watch, embodying DWC's commitment to merging traditional ownership with digital ownership

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