Minting Event #1

Minting Event #1 - UPCOMING


Join us for our first-ever NFT minting event! Experience the thrill of a true mint and reveal, designed to provide an exciting experience for everyone.

The Three Stages:

  1. Minting

  2. Tier Reveal

  3. Watch Reveal

This distribution model (DISTRIBUTION MODEL 1)offers an accessible entry point, ensuring everyone can enjoy the event while hopefully securing remarkable value. Many will get watches from prestigious brands such as Rolex, IWC, and Zenith. Most participants will gain mid-range watches like Omega, Tudor, Hamilton, and Rado, while some will uncover rugged and dependable G-Shocks and Seikos. This blend ensures hopefully a delightful experience for all, with the majority finding satisfaction in their reveal.

As a token of our appreciation and a nod to our BAYC roots, we have a special surprise for all participants of Minting Event #1, designed to celebrate our BAYC community.

Minting Details:

  • Mint Date - June , ?? , 2024

    • Allowlist mint - ???

    • Public mint - ???

  • Estimated Mint Cost - .7 eth

  • Quantity - 100 (1 NFT=1 watch )


    • Tiers

      • Coming soon - Premium Tier (Tier 4)

      • Coming soon - Rare Tier (Tier 5)

      • Coming soon - Uncommon Tier (Tier 6)

      • Coming soon - Common Tier (Tier 7)

Minting Reward:

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